Durability and long operating life

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Special advantages of REIKU® Systems

REIKU works closely with robotics manufacturers to develop customer-oriented system solutions in most application areas. With over three decades of experience all REIKU robotics materials have been specially formulated to offer optimum performance. 

These materials combined with the unique geometry of REIKU products guarantee long-lasting cable management and protection systems.

Gripping Clamps

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Available with metal or plastic fastener, used in conjunction with either middle, end, sliding or combi jaw components.

Gripping clamps - REIKU (

Middle Jaws, Combi Jaws, End Jaw

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Middle Jaws

Used in conjunction with gripping clamps.

Combi Jaws

To connect a conduit together with a cable star in a gripping clamp.

End Jaw

internal rounded

Middle, end, combi, comb & adapter jaws - REIKU (

Comb Jaw

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Enable a comprehensive cable protection: each cable/each lead is individually directed and fixated with a cable tie.

Comb jaws - REIKU (

Conduit protector

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Provide shock and abrasion protection for conduits. Ideal for repair and splicing different type of conduits together.

Protectors - REIKU (

Cable star

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To tighten cable dress packs and to prevent dirt from entering inside.

Cable stars - REIKU (

Jaws for Ball Joint

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The ball joint offers additional flexibility and reduces mechanical stress on the cables.

Joints - REIKU (

Rotary Base

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Allow added gripping clamp or rotary fork to rotate.

Rotation of conduits - REIKU (

Connection joint

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Remove torsional load. Low overall height.

Joints - REIKU (

Spring retraction system

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Length compensation system for corrugated tube guides in the field of robotics.

Spring retracting systems - REIKU (

Kink protection system

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Prevents sharp bending of the corrugated tube and from falling below the minimum radius of the tube.

Kink protection systems - REIKU (

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