Test methods

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REIKU relies on internal and external research and development, whereby cable protection systems are constantly optimized and adapted to the needs of users and the market.

REIKU cable protection systems contribute to safe and reliable operations of a wide range of production processes and protect cables, wires and other components from contamination as well as chemical, thermal and mechanical stress.

In the REIKU test laboratory, our products are put through their paces in accordance with our customers' requirements.

Flexibility test

Bending load change over 1 million cycles for the robotics sector.

Compressive strength test

Pressure test using a test device

Impact strength test

Impact strength test for areas subject to particular mechanical stresses.

Flammability test

Fire behavior test according to the relevant standards.

Glow wire

Flame spread test according to the relevant standards.


Calculation of limit values for tension, bending and torsion due to different shaft geometry, material and nominal sizes.

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