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Cable protection

Gripping clamps

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Gripping Clamps are applied to retain conduit via Jaws. The Jaws have to be selected acc. to there function. Middle and Combi Jaws are used to fix a conduit or to combine two different kinds of conduit qualities as well as for combination of one conduit with one cable star. Sliding Jaws are used to lead a conduit loosely.

Acc. to the nominal width the Gripping Clamps are closed by metal, screw or plastic closure.

System Support, Strengthened System Support

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Holders, System Supports or the Strengthened System Supports are simple variants to fasten corrugated tubes. The corrugated tubing is inserted into the supports without tools. With the Standard System Support, the lid can also be used for securing.

Tube clamp

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Tube Clamps to install conduits made of galvanized steel with elastomer profile EPDM, halogenfree.

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