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Fire protection is becoming increasingly important in all areas today. As Europe did not have any uniform regulations until the EN 45545 was ratified by CEN, each country had its own na­tional directives as well as a multitude of different rules that were established by manufacturers, certification and test laborato­ries, and public authorities.

The harmonisation of these rules and regulations now binding for all European countries has led to optimised processes in production, marketing and sales, opened a wider and more versatile marketplace (throughout Eu­rope) for component suppliers, and provided a more convenient exchange of best practice concepts among manufacturers. Fur­thermore, it ensures familiarity with the requirements and re­utilisation of information and has led to eliminating trade barriers with a view to increasing interoperability and creating a common (European) market.

The standard aims at designing stationary units and rail vehi­cles along with the selection of materials involved in a way to constrain the outbreak, spreading and impact of fire and smoke in case of a fire incident.

Materials must be designed, processed and used with a view to limiting the emission of smoke and gases hazardous or harmful to health especially in case of fire.

To conclude, the basic objective can be summarised as follows: Keep the risk of a potential outbreak, spreading and impact of a fire as low as possible.

Quality Article no. Material Download Area
Ductile PARBB-* Polyamide 6 PARBB - Rohrtype PARBB - REIKU (
Flexible PAABB-* Polyamide 12 PAABB - Rohrtype PAABB - REIKU (
Ductile PPRBB-* Polypropylen PPRBB - Rohrtype PPRBB- NW12 – NW48 - REIKU (

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